April 1, 2020

As Hi-Lift style jacks have become increasingly common with recreational off-road drivers in 4x4 vehicles as well as military and emergency services around the world, it's more important than ever to know how to properly operate this style of jack safely and effectively.


While Hi-Lift style jacks can be extremely useful around hardcore off road vehicles with heavy duty bumpers and rock sliders, their usefulness around stock production vehicles is extremely limited. The standard uses of the hi lift style jack off road include: lifting a vehicle out of a hole or over an obstacle, lifting a vehicle to re-inflate or change a tire, using the jack as a come-along or hand winch to pull it out of a bad situation, and also as an emergency services tool to aid in stabilizing a crashed vehicle and/or extricate the occupants. There are myriad other uses for this style of jack, once the operator understands and practices safe jack handling and basic situational awareness.