June 23, 2021

Recently Vortex EDGE attended our 5 Day Rally School.  Vortex EDGE is the firearms training and shooting experience side of Vortex Optics. They use their facility and full-time staff of instructors to offer learning opportunities for their customers in all manners of shooting from pistol to long range, for competition, recreation or self-defense.  Jimmy Hamilton of Vortex EDGE attended our rally school previously through following our Team O'Neil YouTube Channel. Looking for a place for team building, instructor development, and just having fun, Team O’Neil Rally School was the obvious choice.

There was a vast range of driving experience in the Vortex group and some members had no experience driving manual transmissions.  Our instructors at Team O’Neil work at a pace that best fits everyone’s level through our teaching system.  The crawl, walk, run system that Team O’Neil has perfected for 20 years allows for a wide range of experience levels to train together while receiving individualized coaching.  This allows each student to get better and see success behind the wheel.  The tailored curriculum builds a unique set of skills which is required to advance and progress throughout the course.  The process of adding, refining, and sharpening skills helps build confidence for students.  The Vortex EDGE group became increasingly comfortable and more importantly, they were learning vehicle control while having fun.

Team building: Activities to enhance social relations, cohesion, and morale of a team.  The courses at Team O’Neil Rally School are set up so one student is driving while the other is riding in the backseat observing.  After the first student has practiced the driving exercise for a set amount of time, they rotate with the other student.  This not only allows students to practice and receive instructions, but also step back and learn through watching the other student’s successes and mistakes.  The Vortex EDGE group would help each other stay confident when the exercises got tough.  If one of the members was struggling to get the technique down, they would talk it out amongst each other and help raise morale.  Despite driving being an individual activity, teammates do well to achieve the common goal of success and fun.

The Vortex EDGE group are instructors. Coming to Team O’Neil gave them a chance to see and learn from instructors of a different craft.  We teach many parallels in driving as to shooting; where you look is where it’ll go; relax and do not force it; think earlier not faster; and many more.  Jimmy expressed, “Many of the things we learned at Team O’Neil could be applied to any skill that requires hand-eye coordination.”  The teaching styles from our instructors provided depth and added value for Vortex’s instructor development goals.  We took students who had zero experience and got them prepared to finish a rally stage in just 5 days.  “It’s all about the experiences and interactions.  To see someone else teach and deliver valuable knowledge through fun and practicality was pretty amazing.” Jimmy had commented about Team O’Neil Rally School. 

Whether it is team building, instructor development, learning to drive on loose surfaces, or just having fun, Team O’Neil Rally School can provide it all for your corporate outings.  We have worked with NAPA, U-Haul, Ford, Monster Energy, and many more in the past to deliver the most fun experience while teaching our students car control. 

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Thank you to the Vortex EDGE for choosing to have your corporate outing with us.  If anyone is looking for to learn more or train with Vortex EDGE, please visit their site: https://vortexoptics.com/vortex-edge